Introduction to An Teallach M.C.

An Teallach Mountaineering Club was formed in 1989:  The founders worked for H.M.Customs & Excise, but there was never any intention to restrict members to Customs & Excise staff. It was open to all from its beginning. Originally, most members were from the Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow areas, but over the years that has been extended. We now have members from Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and even one in USA and New Zealand.

Almost 20 years ago, we began developing a hut, Strawberry Cottage, in Glen Affric, leased from the National Trust for Scotland and, given the widespread nature of the membership,this is the only place we can call a base. Strawberry Cottage is greatly admired by many in the mountaineering community and is regularly booked by other clubs.

Over the years An Teallach have developed the cottage into what we have today, despite the constraints placed on us by the huts remoteness and limitations on borders.  The addition of solar power, pumped and filtered water and the extension and refurbishment of the interior makes Strawberry a very desirable destination.

The above is little more than a precis of a much more informative description of the club and its activities, which can be found here! 

Meets are generally monthly events, mainly in club huts throughout Scotland, but other accommodation (bunkhouses etc.) is also used. Occasional meets are held south of the border and in Ireland. We have also visited the Dolomites and further afield. The standard meet involves arrival at the venue on Friday; normally in the evening, with some form of mountaineering on the Saturday, out on the hills again on Sunday, before heading home.  Some meets offer the opportunity to stay another evening and get some walking on the Monday for those so inclined.

Club meets do not have specific objectives, nor are any leaders appointed for the activities on the meets. Individuals are free to select their own objectives and may go alone or as part of a group. Being in a group does not mean that anyone in the group has a special responsibility for any others in the group.

Before walking with the club you should view and agree to our participation statement here.

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