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Ordinance Survey 1:1,000,000 Series maps

The 1:1,000,000 map shows only named A routes, motorways, cities and larger settlements with major water features large forests and national parks. This lack of detail makes it quite useless for navigating in the hills, it does however fulfil its primary function of giving an overview of the whole of the United Kingdom on a single page

Ordinance Survey 1:250k

The 1:250,000 includes many more roads, waterways and includes some low resolution contour details and land utilisation with more towns and villages and text information presented on the map. The map is again useful as an overview but now has sufficient information to navigate by car across country but possibly not find the start of a walk.

Ordinance Survey

Both the 1:50,000 are good maps for navigating in the wilds as is the 1:40,000 Harvey's range. They have advantages and disadvantages determined by the complexity of your route, the area you are walking and if less used paths and tracks need to be seen. Smaller water courses and contour features cannot be visualised, however sometimes less is more.

Ordinance Survey

The 1:25,000 map typically contains a lot more details and the addition of smaller water courses as well as fences, walls and other man made features. The additional contour detail makes it easier to visualise features and can simplify navigation in difficult terrain. At other times the detail is overwhelming at the expense of clarity

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