How do I find a Meet?

There are numerous ways to find a meet, they an be accessed.


On a limited basis even when not logged in by scrolling down on the home page, here you can see a grid of upcomming meets with recent meets follwing directly after.  On hovering over any meet, you can read the basic details, date, cost numer of places, for more information you can click the meet button and log in, which will take you sirectlt to the meet where you can see full details.

For members and provisional members you can login immediatly which will take you another version of the home page where meets are collated into separate categories,

Upcomming meets:

Recent Meets;

Requested meets

clicking any one of these categories opens a list of meets which can be accessed directly and managed as required.

My Meets

My meets are a condenced list of meets which show only the meets which you have enrolled in these can be managed as required.

All meets

provided direct access to the meet listings without returning to the home page

Search meets

You can search for any meet on the system by entering part of the name, the cottage name, the date(in reverse order) or any definative text connected in some way to the meet, which will cate a list of meets matching the entered criteria from which you can make the selection desired.

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