Raeburn Meet Report

Raeburn Meet Report
Sunday, 1 January 2017, 3:21 AM
Not an official meet, but a great wee break from the festive gluttony. Unfortunately Irene couldn't make it, so the crew was Ross, Gav, Lesley, Daun, Tash, Liz. Plans to walk on boxing day were abandoned when the weather was so fierce it was a challenge to open the car door. A leisurely drive to Raeburn ensued, followed by gourmet meal #1 courtesy of Daun and Tash.

Up at 7am and away at 8 - an ATMC christmas miracle! The longish walk into Creag Pitridh and Geal Charn was tough in stiff winter boots, but beautiful blue skies and amazing views made up for that. Not much snow lying and a cold, brisk wind on the tops. Gav went off to solo Beinn a'Chlachair, while the rest of us were content to meander down, getting to the car at 4.30. Gav timed his return perfectly at 7.30, just as dinner was ready to go on the table. And what a dinner - 36 hours of prep produced an Ottelenghi feast. Thanks Ross!

Tuesday stats (thanks to Tash's christmas fitbit) - 24.2km, 35,492 steps

Despite a 7am diplomatic incident involving disgruntled SMC members and some loud snoring, we again set off at the back of 8 to do the three munros at Creag Megaidh, optimistic that the clag would lift. It didn't. 2 summits in, walking into the biting wind the whole way, we gloomily decided that continuing over #3 was probably the easiest way down. With a bit of staggering about in the clag and the numerous gps checks familiar to all those who have done Megaidh in such conditions, we breathed a sigh of relief to be on the final top. There was nearly another incident when Ross suggested we hang around for another 10 seconds in the howling gale to get a photo ... The descent was bliss - every step took us further out of the wind and clag and by 4pm we felt able to stop for much needed tea and goodies, in the shelter of the wall that was our guide almost to the bottom. Our first view of the day unfolded with the last of the light, and new head torches were played with for the remainder of the descent. Back to car at 7.

Wednesday stats - 26.8km, 39,429 steps

Ross, Gav and Lesley headed to The Fara via Dirk Mhor - a beautiful glen, followed by a boulder filled gorge, then a hilly summit in a raging gale. Fun descent down perfect angled snow slopes to the estate track. Left 10.30 and back to car 4.40. Great wee day - highly recommended.

Daun, Tash and Liz took on the arduous task of Loch Morlich swingpark direct. Photos suggest it was more painful than the Fara. A brisk walk round Loch Morlich and a trip to the sales helped keep their daily step count up.

Thursday stats - 5.2km, 12,569 steps (no stats for the actual hillwalkers ...)