Strawberry Cottage - Communal Meal

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Strawberry Cottage - Communal Meal
by Pam Smyth - Thursday, 17 August 2017, 12:32 PM

Hello Everyone

Just a quick update - Gavin will not be joining us in Strawberry he will be wandering over the wonderful Pyrenee Mountains possibly in sightly warmer and dryer climes (lucky man!).  Thank you to Gav who uploaded meet details etc. I understand I (assisted by Frankie) will be co-ordinating the meet and to that end I am suggesting a communal meal on Saturday night (which has become almost traditional of late!) - I was thinking of a chilli which I am happy to supply with rice.  Also very keen to alleviate any food waste where possible so can I ask for proposals/volunteers for desert and if we are 'over subscribed' I will nominate something to Friday or Sunday night.