Topic outline

  • Using the Website

    Welcome to the An Teallach website and meet booking portal.

    The website was created to make things easier to manage for both the Members and the Office Bearers who Co-ordinate meets and other club activities.

    The goals of the website are as follows:


    • Provide an all inclusive platform where members can interact with each other and the committee.
    • Provide a central location for accessing and enrolling in meets.
    • Provide a feature rich meet presentation where all you need to know about the meet and the hills surrounding the location can be found in one place.
    • Provide central hub for messaging regarding the meet and other club activities.
    • Rationalise the method for self enrolling in a meet through a membership database.
    • Members and provisional members are able to access their meet history and see all meets they have taken part in.
    • Make notifications of payments for meets on line.
    • Provide a repository for members photos.
    • Provide a forum for member comments.
    • Manage meals for meets.
    • Provide links to hillwalking resources while maintaining access to An Teallach site.