Topic outline

  • Sat 1st April 2017 Agenda

    1. Welcome and apologies
    2. Approval of 2016 Minutes
    3. Matters arising
    4. Presidents report
    5. Meet Secretary’s report
    6. Hut Custodian’s report
    7. Treasurer’s report / approval of accounts / appoint independent examiner
    8. Secretary’s report / Newsletter
    9. Election of Officers to Executive Committee and others
    10. Draft new Constitution for approval
    11. Membership Cards
    12. Website
    13. Motions

         i) Proposed Gav, seconded Liz: propose a honorarium of £200 for Ross, for his work on building the revamped website and thank Lesley for her hard work over the last two years.
         ii) Proposed Gav, seconded Liz: Increase to £400 for cheques which can be written by a single authorised signatory and authorisation of internet banking to be extended to the meet secretary.
         iii) Proposed Duncan, seconded Frankie: To give Donald lifetime membership of ATMC for all the work he has done for the club over the years.
         iv) Proposal Gav, seconded Pam: to allow through ATMC’s officers, a facility for members to book club huts in the ATMC’s name on the basis that the member

              1) organises and is responsible for the booking
              2) meets all conditions deemed appropriate by the ATMC Meets Secretary and
              3) meets all costs and damages and all conditions set by the other club (and indemnifies ATMC of the same).

    14. AOCB