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  • Braedownie Burns Supper

    Meet Details

    Places: 16

    No of nights: 2

    Cost per person, per night: £10.00

    Burns Supper on Saturday evening


    • Cairngorm


    • 44 Ballater, Glen Clova & surrounding area
    Grid Reference:

    • NO 286 757

    • 56.868701471162666,

    • -3.1730332394332663


    • From end of public road at Braedownie continue past speed restriction signs and within about 90m turn L into driveway that leads into club’s private car park. Unlock gates to driveway using key supplied. From car park follow marked footpath to hut..



    • Bedroom 1: 8 beds ‘alpine style’ sleeping platforms  (sleeping bags and mats required)

    • Bedroom 2: 8 beds ‘alpine style’ sleeping platforms  (sleeping bags and mats required)


    • Large kitchen with two stoves, fridge, pots, pans, crockery and cutlery,
      microwave ovens, toaster

    • Large living space with wood burning stove

    • 2 Toilets (1 of which is accessible for wheelchair users)

    • 1 Shower (also wheelchair accessible)

    • Drying Room

    Coming Soon
  • Meet report – Braedownie 28-29th January 2017

    Brian, Crawford, Neil, Frankie, Amanda, Lesley, Gavin, Pam, Scott, Pat, Pat, Daun, Tash, Liz, Pete, Ross.

    Our first weekend in the new Cairn Dearg hut at Braedownie, Glen Doll. Also our Burns supper (light on the formalities, heavy on the fun). A great new hut with a big living/dining/kitchen, and very cosy thanks to the wood burning stove.

    Friday night is arrival night, time for catch ups and introductions over a glass or two. Plans are made for the next day, often to be changed over breakfast the next morning...

    • Saturday

      As per the forecast, the day was cloudy with light snow falling. Could have been worse!

      Gavin, Lesley, Crawford, Brian, Neil, Pete, Frankie, Pam went to Driesh and Mayar. Apart from some distant deer at the start no wildlife was seen; in fact very little of anything was seen. But an enjoyable day, with easy walking and good chat. Plenty fresh snow on the ground. Amanda and Daun turned back to escort a poorly Tash back to the hut – and peeled all the tatties and neeps! Sterling effort.

      Pat went to Broad Cairn and Cairn Bannoch from Bachnagairn. Deer, ptarmigan, grouse, mountain hares and dippers made for a great wildlife day. Pat fact of the day – did you know that hares will follow a path if there is one, so if there are hare prints heading off in the right direction you can follow them. Thanks Pat!

      Scott, Pat, Ross, Liz went to Mount Battock via a Tour d'Angus. Cold and snowy with nae views, made more agreeable by a pint in the Clova hotel on the way back. (Said pint may have been at the expense of the dinner that Ross was supposed to be cooking, but thanks to Daun and Pam for stepping up to the plate).

      • The Burns supper

        Frankie's address to the haggis was, as usual, a triumph. The meal was delicious (far too much food as usual – I'm still eating haggis days later!) and tears of laughter were seen. Great to have such a happy meal with friends old and new, with a compulsory dram or two to round things off.

        • Sunday

          Pam, Gav, Pete repeated Pat's efforts on Broad Cairn and Cairn Bannoch. Snowy and cold, with mountain hares.

          Ben Tirran, Glen Clova (Pat, Scott, Lesley and Ross)

          We were very lucky to have a stunning day of crisp white snow and blue skies for a relatively straightforward walk up this lovely little corbett - perfect for a half day walk before heading home. One highlight was the very well appointed bothy (even had cushions and a stove) in the first half of the walk.  Great stopping point for a cuppa but reminded us that it might be helpful to have matches in our rucksacks (and the three logs might not have lasted very long if you were caught in a blizzard).  Even better that there was an iced over lochin right outside and a pretty good view of the route ahead.  Mostly trudging through snow - up to my knees at times but not so deep for the less vertically challenged of the group:) Nice to see a group from a younger demographic just leaving as we arrived at the top - almost felt busy! Bothy was so nice we had to stop again on the way back. Think we took about 4 - 5 hours but that was at least 3 stops and lots of chat.  Headed back feeling pretty smug - good view, good company - and for the "tickers" in the group, another Corbett off the list. As Pat and Scott headed for home Ross and Lesley extended the walk to Loch Brandy. Beautiful views and lovely walking.

          Pat, Liz, Daun, Tash took a daunder up to the Brandy Loch to blow the cobwebs away.

          • Monday

            Those lucky enough to have a third day (Gav, Pam, Pete, Ross)took a trip to Glenshee

            Glas Maol and Creag Leacach (Pam and Gav). Very cold and strong winds with poor visibility. More hares and lots of animal tracks, but no people.