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Member Instructions for Suggesting a meet   Committee Members instructions for creating a new meet

Enter the area in "Full Meet Name" field, add cottage name if you have a suggestion

Enter Area in the Short Name field,

Enter your reasons for suggesting this meet in the second text field. Please include:

hills, cottage, time of year and any other details you consider important.

If you don't want to co-ordinate this meet yourself, please say so.




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  1. Meet full name: i.e.. 21-10-2019 + Cottage + Area
  2. Meet Short Name:  i.e. 21-10-2019 + Cottage
  3. Meet Category: Leave as "Requested Meets"
  4. Visible: Set to "Hide"
  5. Meet Start Date: Enter first day of meet
  6. Meet End Date: Enter Last Day of meet
  7. Meet Id number:  i.e. 2019-10-21  date entered in reverse format
  8. Meet summary: Enter number of nights; Cost Per Nights; Max Attendance; Description of weekend;
    Any other details;  Link to cottage website.

In addition to  field as marked with a * , all the Above Fields are required to be entered


-- Places
£-- pp per night
- nights

Need to get up to Ullapool